What a Formula One Driver needs to do before racing

Singapore Grand Prix is a motor race in the calendar of the FIA Formula One World Championship. The event takes place at the Marina Bay Street Circuit where all Formula one driver all over the world compete. All of them to all what it takes to win. And did you know that formula one driver are the most highly conditioned athletes on earth? Because their bodies should specifically adapt to the very exacting requirements of the motor vehicle. All athletes in any kind of sports need their body conditioned at all times. They undergo a period of conditioning to cope with the physical demands of the sport. So how do drivers prepare? Today we’ll tell you how they prepare for a race like the Singapore Grand Prix.

Singapore Grand Prix

Strength Training

Drivers should be strong especially in this kind of sport where force targets the chest and neck muscles. They need to build up their muscles especially Formula one motor cars have power assisting steering.  Strong arm muscles and strong core are required to enable the car to be controlled during longer races.

Cardio Vascular Training

To avoid fatigue-induced lapses of concentration, they undergo intensive -period of training methods of running, swimming and cycling. They need to be strong to last for full race distances.

Regulated Diet

Yep, they have extremely regulated diets. Nowadays, drivers cut their weight as much as possible so that they can use carefully positioned ballast to bring their car up to the minimum wage. Their typical meal might include chicken or fish, vegetables and what the drivers prefer to eat, such as pasta or any carbohydrate-rich foods. It is very important to drink lots of fluid before the race because the extreme heat in the cockpit arena might cause severe dehydration and possible cramping.

Hope you have learned some facts about formula one racing and Singapore Grand Prix. A disciplined athlete might someday be the best athlete and we believe that training grounds might have a role to that. The Sims Urban Oasis large open spaces are perfect for all aspiring Formula one driver to perform their training. To know about Sims Urban Oasis TOP visit our pages and you might want to enjoy the Sky park that offers a panoramic view of the city skyline.


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